Gill Drew Artist Summer 2020 Newsletter

Hi and welcome to my summer newsletter. I am delighted that you have shown an interest in following my journey as an artist and would very much enjoy having comments back from you.

We have all lived through life changing times since I last wrote to you! We could not have anticipated how it would impact us and how it will continue to affect us as we adapt to physical distancing and to a greater mindfulness for those around us. During the initial weeks of lock down I was delighted to have so much time just to paint! I felt so thankful to have a means of escape from the constant drip of unpleasant news and statistics. I set myself a focus to do the 10 large canvasses that were stacked up in the studio. The abundance of colour, birdsong and greenery made this spring a memorable time for me and hopefully for you too. I have delighted in the quiet places in nature and this has shown up in my work.


I regularly share images of my work in progress on Instagram @gilldrewart but I wanted to give you a bit of the backstory here.  For one of the first paintings in lock down I worked from photos of a steep climb in the Wye valley in Wales where we had taken a holiday over the new year. I became totally absorbed in layering up the paint textures and colours step by step up a winding and uneven path. I developed a firm footing in the process of making the light and dark, the messy marks and detail. I called the painting Way maker, as I found the secure place to trust was beyond this journey in God. As I look at the finished painting, I can’t help but recall the time and process of making it.

Way Maker

The other 9 canvasses have different stories to tell. The unexpected journey of learning to appreciate many of the things we had come to take so much for granted has been a good one.

To own an original piece of artwork which resonates with you will be a joyful addition to your home. I am always delighted to receive photos from customers taking pleasure from pieces hanging in their homes. Thank you for sending them to me. Take a moment to browse and choose from the website.

There are some big reductions on a number of pieces that I have shared with:

Artist Support Pledge

You will find 3 new smaller portrait pieces as well. Be the first to see them!

This is a generous culture in support of artists and makers whose means of income has been adversely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Artists post their work on Instagram using the #Artistsupportpledge for no more than £200 each (not including shipping). When a £1000 of sales is reached the artist pledges to buy another artists work for £200.  Pop over and take a look at the pieces included

  • Here’s what’s happening
    Sadly, due to COVID-19 my next two exhibitions have been cancelled. However, I am exhibiting 10th – 18th October in Stockbridge Town Hall, with The Hampshire Artists Cooperative. I’ll be delighted to meet up with you in person so do come over if you can and enjoy a lovely day out!

Please do get in touch I really would love to hear from you. Any comments or reflections on my most recent work is welcome. If you would like to join the mailing list please follow the link here. Special discounts are available when you do!

Happy art making


As part of the #Artistsupportpledge I am going to be offering a number of pieces of artwork AT REDUCED PRICES. This is an exciting opportunity to purchase an original piece of art for your home.

Finding inspiration when I don’t really know what I want to paint!?


There are days when we might feel like making a drawing or painting but simply don’t know where to begin. This lack of inspiration feels like a barrier and one that can stop us from even starting ANYTHING!

Start to notice what fires your interest along the way.

Keep a sketchbook or journal.

Do you always have your phone handy to take a photo or to jot down an interesting quote?

This photo is from a family album. It is tiny, old, scratched and only 6cm square, but it inspired  a recent painting  for me. I was fascinated that this moment had been captured on a camera at a time when photography was not as commonplace as it is today. This feels like it is just a regular moment, something that you might see everyday. Something that in todays world we could easily capture on our mobile phones! It is not a posed photograph with considered props and lighting as was more usual in the day, but it captures movement and expression beautifully. I loved the way that it gave me a glimpse into the character of the horse and rider as he sat smiling up in the saddle.

As I was working, I noticed how the intrigue that I felt in an old photograph of a relative (whom I had never met) really did fire my interest! I became totally absorbed in “a world of my own”. I also found joy in the process of discovery. This joy in the art process is what brings a delight to the making and it is somehow revealed in the finished piece. It becomes apparent in the work for sure!

I have just a few old sepia photographs of my Grandfather. This sepia colour also served as a starting point. I set about creating a scene that had a sense of taking you back in time. Bright, garish colours wouldn’t have worked and the burnt orange in the painting came to be stronger in saturation nearer the end of the process.

So this is an important question to ask yourself:

What is it that captures my attention?


Is it something about the colours, the atmosphere, the light, the story, the place, the feeling… that you like? Identify what often inspires you and build up a sketchbook or journal (or the notes section in your phone) of observations, photos, drawings, paintings or quotes.

Do take a browse around my website to see more of my work and inspiration and see how this painting was completed.

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