Time to celebrate! I won! The Overall Winner – Judges Choice with “The Violin Maker”

I’m feeling rather elated and surprised by being awarded the overall winner by the judges for this painting titled “The Violin Maker”.

There are some great pieces in the show and my congratulations go to the Individual Judges Choice runners up, Elizabeth Hammond, Caroline Shields and Gillian Gregory.

The Violin Maker
In this piece the artist shows skill with her paint and brush technique. The light from the window illuminates the craftsman highlighting the features of the subject matter drawing your eye to both his face and hands. The contrast of the outline of the violin adds depth and a story to the painting.

The Violin Maker is available to buy via this website, however delivery will not be until after the exhibitions closes on 21 April 2020. The Violin Maker prints are available for delivery now.

If you get the chance, pop down to the Gosport Open Art 2020 and have a look around and if you see me please come over and say hello.

AT THIS TIME THE GALLERY IS CLOSED DUE TO COVID 19 BUT IF YOU VISIT https://www.facebook.com/gosportgallery/ you will be taken on a tour and the different artists bios are highlighted.